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Having worked in other practices, Ulery Dental & Orthodontics stands out as providing the opportunity to focus on providing quality dentistry, since they take care of the business aspect of the practice. UD&O is committed to providing quality technology, such as digital X-rays. At Ulery Dental, you will be given the opportunity to work in a professional environment providing quality care.

Dr. Neal Karlin

Working at Ulery Dental has been a great experience for multiple reasons. Mainly it has provided me with an opportunity to perform dentistry at a high level in a doctor-centric office. Doctors are placed in a position to focus on the clinical aspects of dentistry day in and day out without the concerns of overhead, insurance, hiring, etc. Doctors are provided a full staff in a modern office that affords the doctor the opportunity to be the best clinician possible.

Dr. Kevin Criscitiello


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